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ESTerroni – Evelin Ojamets

Gli ESTerroni sono una categoria bizzarra almeno quanto gli Estoniani, ne fanno parte tutti gli estoni che vivono in Italia oppure che vi hanno vissuto per un periodo più o meno lungo per poi tornare in Estonia… Evelin presto diventerà anche lei food-blogger @TereItalia… il terrore dei ristoratori italiani a Tallinn :))

Nome – Cognome – Età – Città – Professione
Evelin Ojamets, 34 years old, living in Tallinn, working in communication and journalism. Lifestyle, food and fashion writer, stylist, creator of MiItaalia Facebook page and MiTraveller blog. Among other things studying Italian language and culture in the University of Tallinn.


Da quanto tempo sei in Italia e dove?
In fact, at the moment I’m living in Tallinn, but I have a very close connection to Naples and nearby places for several years. At first because of journalism and writing, now also for happy reasons, as my boyfriend is from Naples. Naples was also the place where I got closer friends with Italian language, as I studied it in the local language center during a two months escape from my homeland. It was before entering Tallinn University for more profound Italian studies and is certainly an experience that I will always remember. Besides this, I’m a hopeless Italy-lover, who uses every possible moment to escape there, have been travelling pretty much across the whole country.

Descrivi la tua città in Italia…
Strangely enough for a Nordic person like me, I have always had “that thing” for the South. To me people are there more genuine, open, know how to value simple, down-to-earth things and enjoy life to its full. Very opposite of our society where we still have the post-communist syndrome of preferring material things. Naples is definitely not an easy city to love at first sight. When I first told to my friends that I’m going to study Italian in Naples, they told that I must be crazy: go to Rome, Florence, Turin…But I wanted Naples, was longing for something different, more challenging. And not choosing the easy way out really paid off!
I discovered an amazing city of contrasts, a city with thousand faces. Truly authentic and historical atmosphere with rich local kitchen, not to mention the spell bounding charm of its lungomare and lively centro storico. For me the best way has described Naples Shirley Hazzard in her book “The Ancient Shore: Dispatches from Naples”, where she told that if you will give to this ancient bold city just a few hours or a day of your time, it will answer with arrogance. But if you will stay for longer and treat it with respect, the beautiful city will open up to you and stole your heart. It surely stole mine.

Come sono gli italiani?
Close to impossible to generalize, in fact, as I have met so different kind of Italians, but I will try: open and friendly, easily starting a conversation and making friends, enjoying joking on everything and everyone – that may include crossing the boundaries of Nordic people’s comfort zone -, opinionated, value good food and not being shy to share their views about it, definitely more able to enjoy life than Estonians. Sure, there’s the fact of being – almost always – late and sometimes doing all the possible and impossible things together, but somehow they know how to survive well in that chaos. Not only survive, but being happy and making others around them smile.

Le maggiori differenze tra italiani ed estoni e cosa hanno in comune secondo te…
Italians for sure have discovered the art of living that is not yet accessible for Estonians. Time divided between work, family and friends is more balanced and they have the ability to notice and enjoy the little pleasures of life. Estonians are often lacking the skills to live in the moment, to enjoy to the full spending time with family and friends without at the same time thinking about some tomorrow’s work meeting or what they still need to do that week. It would only make us, Estonians, a happier nation, if we would master that art. In common is perhaps – and maybe surprisingly – the sense of style. Not true for everybody, of course, but certain kind of Estonians and Italians know how to be and look stylish. Effortlessly, just like that.

Qualche stupido, strano, particolare aneddoto per descrivere il tuo rapporto con gli italiani?
No, but I remember for example a story of North-South prejudices from the time when me and my best friend Anneli travelled for the first time to Rome and Naples. We managed to truly scare one roman person when telling him during a casual conversation about our plans to proceed with our journey to Naples. After looking like seeing a ghost for quite some time, he loudly invited God and all possible saints to help, trying to persuade us in all languages he mastered to give up this dangerous idea. For him the idea of two blond Nordic girls going to Naples was a sure way of getting robbed at least, perhaps also kidnapped and sold to slavery. Didn’t of course change our minds :)


Quali sono stati i 3 posti dove sei stata in Italia che ti sono più piaciuti?
That’s the most difficult question! Naples, my first love, I already described, but there are some other places that are special to me in Italy. First of all, I was lucky to visit the beautiful countryside and manor house of Giffoni, close to Salerno, where the charm of ancient times was still so vivid and the hospitality of local people unforgettable. Last summer I was on the island of Stromboli, a bohemian paradise with black sand, “sneezing” volcano and the treasures of Sicilian kitchen. For years I have had a love affair (and continuing) with the legendary Capri with its 50s charm, blossoming bougainvilleas and capriblue sea. It truly is a blue paradise like described in numerous songs, you simply need to know how to avoid tourist traps. I’m definitely not untouched also by the beauty of the Eternal City Rome, masked magic of Venice and la bella vita of little Tuscan wine cities, but I’m already passed the 3 required a long time ago…
3 modi di dire che preferisci in italiano?
“Mammamia!” for each and every occasion. According to my boyfriend with a Neapolitan accent :) I have also mastered some gestures, using them sometimes here in Estonia without noticing.

Cosa ti manca dell’Estonia?
At the moment I have the pleasure to enjoy both of these amazing countries. Usually I miss very much the Italian lifestyle, going out at nights, meeting with people, this lively special atmosphere. And I miss our Nordic easiness to deal with everyday things, lack of bureaucracy. But surely the most missed are always the special people to me from both countries :)


Grazie Evelin,

a presto!

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