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ESTerroni – Klaudi Kuznetsova

Gli ESTerroni sono una categoria bizzarra almeno quanto gli Estoniani, ne fanno parte tutti gli estoni che vivono in Italia oppure che vi hanno vissuto per un periodo più o meno lungo per poi tornare in Estonia… è il turno della bella Klaudi da Torino che scrive su un bellissimo blog che vi consigliamo di seguire e che continueremo a seguire anche noi di Tere Italia!

Oh well…


Nome – Cognome – Età – Città – Professione

Klaudi Kuznetsova, 21 years old, living in Turin, studying Italian and writing blog. About Italy and Italians of course.


Da quanto tempo sei in Italia e dove?

I have been living in Italy, Turin, less than a year. Before I was just one of those Italy-lovers who was coming here in every possible moment.

Descrivi la tua città in Italia…

It is very complicated to describe Turin. It is like onion or cabbage, if you prefer, as it has so many different layers and it is one of the reasons why I am so in love with it. It is pretty big city which firstly may look cold and indifferent but in reality it is very warm and cosy.  There is always something to do, something to visit and see. Many museums, many cafes, restaraunts, galleries, cinemas and parks. Let’s say that Turin is imbued with mix of culture, history, art and science.

Another reason why it is so perfect for me is possibility to have privacy as it is very calm city with loads of pride. Nobody really minds what you do and how you do as long as you are respectful toward the city and others. It is well organized and not so chaotic and it suits my  “northen” personality really well.

Come sono gli italiani?

I must admit that I have kind of hate-love relationship with Italians. They are in my eyes very chaotic people. Sometimes they try to do everything at the same time and with hurry, sometimes they do not want to do anything at all, they are late, they are slow. But actually in total, Italians are very friendly, open-minded and curious people who love to talk a lot. Especially about you and your life. They are very proud of their history and traditions, they keep their family and friends very close to their heart.

Le maggiori differenze tra italiani ed estoni e cosa hanno in comune secondo te…

It is very complicated to make Estonian talk. Openly. About himself. He usually prefers to know more about others than others about him. He prefers to listen and observe. Italians are opposite. They prefer to ask straight questions and it does not matter if you are strangers or not! They will still ask if you are married or not, how many sisters or brothers you have and what is your favourite food.  And they also will tell their opinion about all that. At first it can be slightly scary because for people from totally different culture it feels like aggressive attack on your private life. But with this is also connected the main similarity, in my eyes. Italians talk a lot but they nearly never talk about, let’s say, important things. With strangers they will never go to the deep topics, they will not open themselves and will not tell if they had bad morning or not, unless they trust you and consider you to be their friend. Estonians are pretty much the same just one nation talks a lot about nothing openly and other nation is quiet and “cold”.

Qualche stupido, strano, particolare aneddoto per descrivere il tuo rapporto con gli italiani?

I think that first place is going to my neighbours. We do not have really thick walls so I can hear everything they talk about. I always know when their daughter is coming for the visit because then I can hear “MAMMAA!” after which is usually coming argue between whole family. Probably about nothing serious just it is the way Italians are and for what they are actually famous for. Another..”Ciao bella!” and strangers approaching. I mean, one guy started to follow me with his bike! Luckly not for long.

Quali sono stati i 3 posti dove sei stata in Italia che ti sono più piaciuti?

Sardinia, Lago di Garda and Bergamo. I did not have any idea that Bergamo can be so beautiful!


3 modi di dire che preferisci in italiano?

I do not have very big vocabulary yet so I am just abusing certain words. Even such a simple word as “SI”.  I am using it after finishing certain thought I agree with. Si, si! I use it at the end of the questions. Si? And in so many other ways.

“Va bene!”

“E basta!”

Actually I abuse all of them quite a lot and use them in all kind of sentences.

Cosa ti manca dell’Estonia?

First of all, of course my family and my friends. Secondly, fast internet connection and self-service. There is so much bureaucracy here! Thirdly, milk procuts.


Grazie Klaudi,

a presto!

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