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ESTerroni – Susanne Kuuskman

Gli ESTerroni sono una categoria bizzarra almeno quanto gli Estoniani, ne fanno parte tutti gli estoni che vivono in Italia oppure che vi hanno vissuto per un periodo più o meno lungo per poi tornare in Estonia.

Parola a Susanne…

Nome – Cognome – Età – Città – Professione
Susanne Kuuskam – Milano – fashion stylist


Da quanto tempo sei in Italia e dove? 
I came to Italy, Milano on 2009 September, left Italy on 2011 and returned 2012 October again. Came to study Fashion Styling to IED Milano.

Descrivi la tua città in Italia…
Milano, definately not the most incredible place in the whole Italy. The industrial city, The New York of Italy, not much nature, streets blocked with houses, sun barely getting close at all to the streets. The killing heat in summer, yet the place that I always want to come back to. Tuesday and Saturday food markets, convenient tram lines, parties on every day of the week, lot of tourists and international people around. Always can find the beauty and pleasure when walking in Navigli, all the small cafe’s around the area and the wonderful evenings with aperitivo.


Come sono gli italiani?
Italian people are very particular, very friendly, yet there is something behing the friendly mask of them. In general very nice people, who enjoy the quality of life. Who could never go on with a proper lunch – italian way. All the italians in the early morning in the cafeterias having their quick coffee before rushing to work. Well rushing is said too much, I love their relaxing mode!!!!

Le maggiori differenze tra italiani ed estoni e cosa hanno in comune secondo te…
Biggest difference, I think these two nationalities are incomparable, honestly. Everything is different, so I couldnt even think of the biggest difference. The only common thing is that estonians love Italian food and Italians love it too.

Qualche stupido, strano, particolare aneddoto per descrivere il tuo rapporto con gli italiani?
Nothing particular pops into my head. Maybe just the fact that they are always late, which suits with me being late also.

Quali sono stati i 3 posti dove sei stata che più ti sono piaciuti?

I have not travelled in Italy as much as I wouldt have liked to. I have been to Rome, Garda lake, Lake Como, some countryside, Bergamo, Venezia etc. So I have enjoyed everything I have seen and have got a particular impression from each of those places.


Quali sono le tue 3 canzoni italiane preferite?
This is my very favourite. I lsitened to it before moving to Italy, and I think that is the song closest to my heart.

I 3 piatti italiani preferiti?
Napolitana pizza, all the types of lasagna they make(with pesto or melanzane etc)
Cosa ti manca dell’Estonia? Nothing anymore. Before I missed food, friends/family, the winter in Estonia, but after years away I have things I miss when I leave Italy.

Hai in programma di tornare in Estonia un giorno?

In general no, but never know.


Grazie Susanne,

a presto!

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